This information is current for students applying for or using the Flint Promise scholarship during the 2022-23 school year.

What is Flint Promise?

Flint Promise is a commitment to offer scholarships and support services to students who both reside in the City of Flint and graduate from a high school or GED program located in the City of Flint.

Who is eligible for a Flint Promise scholarship?

To apply for a Flint Promise scholarship, applicants must:

  • Graduate from a high school located within the City of Flint, or receive a GED in the City of Flint, in March 2018 or after
  • Reside within the City of Flint at the time of graduation (check to see if you address is within the City of Flint boundaries)
  • Graduate with a 1.8 GPA or higher
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and meet and maintain the requirements for Federal Student Aid. Please note that Flint Promise students must reapply for FAFSA each academic year.
  • Apply to a participating college or university (listed below)
  • Be age 24 or younger

Is there a household income requirement?

No. Flint Promise scholarships are available to all students who meet the requirements listed above – regardless of household income.

Which high schools and GED programs are eligible in the city of Flint?

  • Accelerated Learning Academy
  • Flex High Michigan
  • Flint Northwestern High School (2018 graduates)
  • Flint Southwestern Classical Academy
  • Flint/Genesee Job Corps
  • Gateway to College – Mott Community College
  • Genesee Early College
  • International Academy of Flint
  • Michigan School for the Deaf
  • Mott Middle College
  • Mott Workforce Development
  • Powers Catholic High School
  • WAY Academy (Kearsley Street location)

What should I do if I don’t meet all the requirements?

Students who do not meet one or more of the scholarship’s requirements but believe they should still be considered for the scholarship may submit an appeal at theflintpromise.org/appeals.

What does the scholarship cover?

Flint Promise is a “last-dollar” scholarship, which means it covers the remaining balance of college tuition and mandatory class and/or college/university fees after grants and other scholarships are received. At Mott Community College, books and supplies are also covered for students. This does not include room, board, or insurance fees.*

The scholarship is pro-rated based on the number of years a student resides in Flint and attends an eligible high school. Through Flint Promise, students who qualify for a full scholarship will be able to attend college at little cost to them.

*Please note that Kettering University requires first-year students to live on campus and be able to get to and from their work co-ops. The full cost of room, board, health insurance, travel and/or moving expenses is not covered by the Flint Promise scholarship and is the responsibility of the student.

Pro-Rated Eligibility
Years at an eligible City of Flint high school and a resident in the City of Flint Percentage of remaining costs covered
4 100
3 75
2 50
1 25

Note: GED graduates who have lived in Flint for one or more years are eligible to receive 30 percent of the scholarship toward their college education.

How is payment handled?

The student’s college or university will directly invoice the Flint Promise program for the costs covered by the scholarship. At Mott, students will be able to purchase textbooks using store credit at their bookstore. As a result, there are no out-of-pocket costs for tuition or books.

What are the benefits of being a Flint Promise recipient?

In addition to receiving financial support, each Flint Promise student is paired with a success coach, who will provide academic and personal support through the student’s college career.

Where can the Flint Promise scholarship be used?

As of Fall 2019, Flint Promise partners with Kettering University, Mott Community College and the University of Michigan-Flint. Flint Promise recipients may use the scholarship in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Attend Mott Community College for up to three academic years as they pursue an associate degree, certificate or other college credential.
  2. After earning an associate degree or transfer certificate from Mott, students may transfer to Kettering University or the University of Michigan-Flint, provided they meet the school’s minimum admission requirements. There, a student may extend the Flint Promise scholarship for up to three academic years as he or she pursues a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Attend Kettering University or the University of Michigan-Flint* for up to six academic years as they pursue a bachelor’s degree, provided they meet the school’s minimum admission requirements.

*Spring and summer classes are not covered at UM-Flint through Flint Promise.

What are the admission requirements for these colleges and universities?

Each school has its own requirements. For current criteria, visit:

Can I defer the scholarship? And, if so, for how long?

Yes. Applicants are eligible to apply for and use the Flint Promise program through the age of 24.

How do I apply for Flint Promise? What are the deadlines?

Students may apply for Flint Promise at theflintpromise.org/apply. When applying, students should use an email address that they can access even after they graduate high school; we recommend against using a school-provided email. Applicants will be contacted by a Flint Promise team member after applications are received and reviewed.

How do I renew my scholarship after I complete my first full year in college?

Scholarships will automatically renew for students who meet the following expectations:

  • Remain continuously enrolled as a full-time student (24 credit hours per year)
    – Kettering University and UM-Flint require scholars to be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits for both the fall and winter terms. Additionally, Kettering’s schedule requires two semesters of full-time class enrollment.
  • Meet with their success coach on a regular basis. A schedule will be provided to scholars at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Achieve minimum academic standards required for receiving financial aid, which include grade point average and successful completion of courses. This information is provided to the Flint Promise Scholarship team by our college and university partners.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) yearly.

Flint Promise students who do not meet one or more of the renewal requirements may submit an appeal at theflintpromise.org/appeals.